The first semester’s done, and all the midterm stress is thankfully over. Winter’s coming to a much-needed end, and spring is in the air. Though it may not seem like it, school is starting to wind down, and summer, the beautiful end of yet another school year, is finally in sight. And what better way to celebrate the coming of warmth, freedom, and joy than the GMHS Spring Sadie’s Dance?

WHAT GM Spring Sadie’s Semi-formal
WHERE MEH Cafetorium (because there will be LIVE BANDS!)
WHEN Saturday, March 3 (8-11 p.m.)

On Saturday, March 3, all Mason students are invited to attend the Spring Sadie’s Dance presented by the GMHS Student Council Association (SCA) from 8-11 p.m. at the MEH cafeteria to celebrate the coming of spring. This semi-formal dance will include a cherry blossom theme and an anticipated live band, a student DJ, dancing, free food and more. The Sadie Hawkins theme is unique from traditional dances, in that girls are encouraged to ask boys to the dance.

The SCA had been trying to hold an Spring dance for years, and as underclassmen cannot attend prom, Homecoming is usually the only major social event for 9th and 10th graders. This year marks the first time in at least two decades that Mason is holding an additional dance.

“I’ve been an SCA advisor at Mason for 6 years, and every year, the students have wanted to have a dance like this. So I’m excited that we’re finally going to pull it off,” said Mr. Peter Laub, SCA Advisor and English teacher.

However, this dance isn’t just for 9th and 10th graders. Regardless of your grade, the Spring Sadie’s is not an event to miss as it is unique and quite unique from Homecoming and Prom for a number of reasons. The dance has a semi-formal theme, making it a unique opportunity to dress up anyway you please, whether it be a super fancy dress or tux or a more casual frock and fancy shirt. It’s a great way to reintroduce your spring wardrobe into the world and bring out your D.C. spirit with the cherry blossom theme.

Of course, the Spring Sadie’s isn’t only for couples. Friends are encouraged to attend this pink and white-themed dance which will involve great opportunities for dancing and celebrating. In addition, the money raised through ticket sales will only go to benefit the school.

“We’re doing this to raise money for the SCA, and with the money, we’re going to do a lot of cool things for the entire student body,” senior Jack West, SCA Executive President of Mason said.

Though some are a bit confused as the dance is being held in the MEH cafetorium instead of at Mason, the reason for the location is quite logical. Both Mason gyms are booked on March 3, which was the best date for the dance from a school and extracurricular perspective, and the Mason gym has a low capacity for holding people and no sound system. Comparatively, MEH has a stage, better sound system, and is easily accessible to student drivers, making it the best place to hold the dance.

“It’s going to be unlike any other Mason dance,” senior Clara Matton, SCA Executive Treasurer of George Mason said.

Tickets for the Spring Sadie’s cos $10 and are on sale all this week during Mustang Block in front of the library. They will continue to be available in the weeks leading up to the dance. Whether you want to attend with your friends, significant others, or just on your own, the Spring Sadie’s is a fun way to celebrate the second half of the school year in a truly unique way.

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