Cheerleaders appear in front of every crowd each Friday during the fall; and no matter how excited or how lull the crowd is, they stand smiling and energetic. Not only are the fans appreciative of the cheerleaders, but the football players notice the energy they bring to the games as well.

“[The cheerleaders] are very supportive. [The football team] hasn’t been doing too great, but they’re always there,” said senior fullback Mackenzie Steeves.

Long time coach Beth Ann Bird stepped down from her position last season after seven years with the team, and handed the reins to former assistant coach Allie Cray. Cray and her 12 cheerleaders worked very hard in the first few weeks of August to build relationships with each other and get everyone on the same page.

“It was definitely different this year for everyone,” said junior and three-time varsity cheerleader Grace Johnson. “We had new coaches and a lot of new people on the team so it really made us come together as a team to work and improve.”

Despite not having a competition team this season, the cheer team’s pep rally performance marked the highlight of their season. It was a result of a month and a half’s work to perfect for the entire school to see.

“[The pep rally] pushed us to work hard and put something together that we would be proud of which I think we all did,” Johnson said.

The varsity team is small this year, with only twelve cheerleaders, though the low number of participants has not hindered the work and success of the team. The energy from the senior captains keeps the team positive and hardworking.

“We came together as a new team, with a new coach… and bonded as a family, and now we’re like sisters,” said senior cheer captain Nicole Soria.

Though the cheer team will be losing four seniors this year, the wide interest in underclassmen- including eighth graders- brings great hopes for what they can achieve next year and whether they will be able to form a competitive cheer team or not.

Coach Allie Cray could not be reached for comment.

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