Founder’s Row project will include an eight-screen movie theater

An eight-screen movie theater will be included in the proposed Founder’s Row Project development by Mill Creek Residential. The company has finally signed a lease to bring the movie theater, which will take place on the northeast side of the W. Broad and N. West intersection.

A car drives in front of a gas station.

North West Street that intersects with West Broad Street is where the Founder’s Row Project will take place. Sunoco gas station and the 7-Eleven will still be operating on the site. (Photo by Daniela Montes)

On May 21, 2018, Sean Caldwell of Mill Creek announced the movie theater will be part of the Studio Movie Grill Theater chain and will operate as a 90 seat restaurant, full-service kitchen on the ground floor of the movie complex.

The Founder’s Row Project was first approved on January 11, 2016. It also includes a 9,500 square foot restaurant and brewery, a six-story mixed-use building, a five-story multifamily rental apartment, a parking lot with two levels above the ground and three underground levels, and a hotel with age-restricted (ages 55 and up) apartments. This set of apartments has delayed the whole project due to the limited impact it is expected to have on public services and school system due to the increase in senior residents.

As the project continues, many retailers, such as 7-Eleven, Sunoco gas station, and others that still operates on the site, might have to relocate. Mill Creek has already made a deal with 7-Eleven for their store departing. Sunoco Gas station company has also acquired another site for which they will have to relocate. The company wants to start the construction by September.

According to Falls Church News-Press, the Founders Row Project will provide more than 97,000 square feet of commercial space and is expected to generate two to four-plus cents on the current property tax rate. For more information, you can read our news’ city story and visit the city website. Make sure to also check out WDG company’s prototype of the final product of the project.

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