Freshman chooses a Mustang Rodeo she has a genuine interest in

Girl smiling in cafeteria

Edgy Freshman Courtney Odemis in the Mason cafeteria. (Photo by Anna Tarter)

beating a dead horse - satire from the Lasso

On Thursday, February 22, shortly after Eventbrite had been opened for students to reserve tickets for the annual Mustang Rodeo, freshman Courtney Odemis informed her friends that she had already chosen a Mustang Rodeo to attend.

According to Isabelle Anderson, a friend of Odemis’, “I mean, I thought you just pick the one with all your friends in it. Courtney was being really weird.”

Another friend mentioned that she was “really surprised” when Courtney said that she’d already chosen a Mustang Rodeo by herself.

“I just really thought the Art in the Park Rodeo would be cool and I wanted to try something new that interests me,” said Odemis when asked why she didn’t consult her friends before making this decision.

Another friend expressed “shock” at Odemis’ general excitement for the event.

According to local sources, Courtney has always been an edgy character, and it’s anticipated that she will likely continue to choose electives that she has a genuine interest in for next year and future rodeos to come.

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