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Gabriel Perez (class of 2017) is the incoming student liaison to the Falls Church School Board.

If you care about what’s happening at George Mason, then you need to get to know Gabriel Perez.

Perez, a rising senior, has been chosen as the new student liaison for the Falls Church City School Board. He will replace graduating senior Dorian Charpentier as the student voice at the table of the School Board. 

As Perez explains, he is a “high schooler that essentially represents [the students] when the school board is in need of knowing what the students want or need” Perez explained.

When it comes to pressing topics such as the high school renovation and other topics that matter to students, Perez provides the board with a George Mason students’ point of view at meetings. This is a very important position because it ensures that the opinions of students are taken into account, especially regarding issues that directly affect them.

“I’m pretty easy to talk to, so if people want the school board to know something, I would gladly go up and [say] ‘Hey, this is what a student came and told me,’” Gabe said,“I feel like I was a good choice to be the voice for the schools of Falls Church.”

Aside from his new involvement behind the scenes of Mason, Gabe is also very involved member of the Air Force Junior ROTC program and community.

“Feel free to come and talk to me if you have any questions about the school board or if you want the school board to know something,” said Gabe. “If you have siblings in any other Falls Church school that have questions or comments then get in contact with me too.”

If you would like to contact Gabe, you can email him at:

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