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Ever heard of the Yin-Yang philosophy of compatibility? If there was one senior duo that fit this criteria, it would be Nick Robin-Coker and Ethan Rosenberger. When Nick is in the center showing off his moves, Ethan is off to the side in his own groove. When Nick is yelping out song lyrics first thing in morning, Ethan is just barely waking himself up. They are total opposites, but that is what makes this duo so iconic.

On how they became friends:

Nick: He didn’t wanna let me sit on the school bus on the first day of school. I asked him if I could sit next to him and he looked way.

Ethan: That is not the story. He asked if he could sit down and I let him sit down.

Nick: After whole minute of just staring at me.

Ethan: A minute?

Nick Alright 30 seconds. There was a time period where you just looked at me… he isn’t racist though.


On their dynamic:

Nick: I talked too much then realized ‘hm he doesn’t really talk,’ so it got to point where it was me talking and he’d be like “yeah”.

Ethan: That’s still how it goes.


On why they are friends:

Ethan Rosenberger (left) and Nick Robin-Coker (right) who became closest through basketball their freshman year, when they were forced to have conversation outside of the school bus. (Photo courtesy of Nick Robin-Coker)

Nick: I’m not going to get cheesy, but uh… I guess I grew attached to him. Make sure you quote that.

(Nick and Ethan look at each other in silence.)

Nick: Like I said, I do the most talking and he’s not talking right now so I’m going to point that towards him now.

Ethan: Fine. I agree, Nick is definitely the guy.

If Ethan were an object:

Nick: A wall because walls don’t talk. They just stand there, but they’re cool. They’re structured. Yeah… or a table.

Ethan: A piece of furniture?

Nick: Yeah something quiet.


If Nick were an object:

Ethan: Nick is like a social butterfly.

Nick:  That’s not an object.

Ethan: Fine. Nick is like a speaker because he’s always talking and he’s always super loud. Especially in the morning when I’m trying to get to school.

Nick: Hey now.

Ethan: It’s better than a wall.


Their friendship described through a song:

Nick: I would say Bang Bros.

Ethan: I don’t know what that is.

Nick: Ok well there’s this song that kinda describes us: always together.

(Nick raps a few lines from the song that neither Ethan nor I understood could make out.)

Ethan: I still don’t know.




Laura Whitaker

Laura Whitaker

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