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I am not a good public speaker whatsoever. But I’m not a bad photographer. I can take natural candids and posed photos with a pretty professional looking camera, but I am not as comfortable in going before Falls Church City Council and making the case for grant money.

Over the past year, through my volunteer work with the organization Images for Good, I’ve had a chance to improve in both photography – a passion of mine – and community outreach, including leadership.

The author (4th from left) on a photo shoot at Andrews Air Force Base with other members of Images for Good. (Photo via Eleanor Kay)

Images for Good is a non-profit service photography organization that focuses on creating service leaders and photographers. Founded in 2015, Images for Good has thrived under the service of Kevin Krisko, the founder of the program itself. Kevin Krisko (Founder and President)

“The idea emerged after lots of searching and thought about how to design an organization that could benefit many people all at the same time,” Krisko explained. “If it doesn’t address many needs at once, it won’t work.”

In order to have the organization be successful, Krisko focused on mentoring, serving, and photography. This drew a wider spread audience who were all attracted by the different parts of Images for Good.

Senior Tenzin Namgyel on a photo shoot with Images for Good (Photo by Eleanor Kay)

Like me, senior Tenzin Namgyel joined Images for Good a year ago. He had a passion for photography but felt lacking in his ability to reach out and interact with the community as a leader.

“Images for Good has allowed me to not only hone my technical skills with a camera but also act as a tool to help bring positivity and change within our community,” Namgyel said.

Images for Good works to prepare students for interactions in the adult world. For example, I attended a news photography presentation and met three journalists that worked for newspapers like The Washington Post and The New York Times. I talked to them about their job and how they developed an interest in journalism.

Every time I attend an event, I leave feeling I’m a different person. I’ve been to many events ranging from a Thunderbirds show at Andrews Air Force Base to a run in Baltimore honoring the fallen heroes of 9/11. I am honored to be shooting for events like these and to be representing such a wonderful organization because I am constantly surrounded by love, support, and positivity.

And, I’m getting better at photography

Senior Nicole Miceli took interest in Images for Good when she saw that her friends were involved in it, and quickly learned of the many benefits that come with taking part in.

“There is an overall good feeling from working with the organization,” she said. “It makes it feel like you’re doing something nice for your community [The] events allow you to practice your skills in leadership and photography. Images for Good can be put on college applications and be used for service hours. It has been very beneficial to me even though I have only done a little work with them.”

Images for Good is open to any student willing to join. The group offers mentoring from experienced photographers, community leaders, and provides equipment to use for shoots.

To learn more about images for Good, you can reach out to:



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