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Jepson_iOS11_FeaturePhoto: Apple devices are pictured with the new update. iOS 11 will change some elements of the user interface as well as add features that iOS lacked in the previous years. (Photo courtesy of iMore).

Apple has just released their operating system, iOS 11, on September 19, 2017. This year’s update is feature-filled and will definitely have you downloading the update immediately. Apple released public beta testing for iOS 11 in July of 2017 and released at least 10 public beta before releasing the polished operating system. As always, though, for the first two months or so, you can expect frequent software updates released to squash any bugs not found in the beta testing.

To install iOS 11, it would be wise to create an iCloud Backup of your device. You will be very grateful that you have a system backup in the event something does go wrong.

Upon installing the upgrade, you will notice many new changes to the user interface, from cleaner transitions to new fonts in stock apps.

The Control Center has changed completely, allowing users to add and remove toggles and allowing them to change or interact with them. For example, you are now able to change the music currently playing, start a timer, or even begin a screen recording. Snapchat doesn’t notify yet, but do be advised, they will most likely push an update resolving this.

The new Files application comes installed, allowing you to interact with cloud based storage service such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and other similar services. This app isn’t too exciting, but you can choose to delete it.

Who doesn’t love new wallpapers? Apple added new retro themed wallpaper as well as the stock iOS 10 and 9 wallpaper. Unfortunately, Apple chose to remove some of the Live Photos, only leaving the cloudburst ones.

Another notable change is the absence of notification shade, because the notification and lock screen have turned into one. It will be a minor adjustment for iOS users, however it isn’t worth losing your head over.

In general, lots of animations, fonts, and functionalities have changed. Most have little impact, but they’re worth trying out. I am very pleased with iOS 11’s storage management approach, which allows you to offload apps but keep its data safe in the cloud.

I chose to install iOS 11 as soon as it was released. However, if you love your iPhone battery, hold off for a few weeks. Upon installing this upgrade, battery life has been a real struggle. I am down to 20% everyday when I leave school. It’s worth noting that I am using the iPhone 7, 32GB model. I have been unpleased with this problem, but I am hopeful in the coming weeks that Apple will release patches that will fix this issue. That has been my only complaint since installing it.

Apple has always been excellent when it comes to the operating system world. Apple has the world’s second largest mobile ecosystem and has done extraordinarily well when it comes to rolling out security patches and getting people on the latest iOS available. As always, aside from the small bugs around launch, the latest iOS does not disappoint.

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