It’s rare to see an underclassman leading a varsity sport, but after proving her crucial position on the softball team last year, Chelsea Lang is what holds Mason’s team together this 2017 season.

Sophomore Chelsea Lang has been playing as a starter for Mason softball since her freshman year. Lang is a catcher for Mason, which according to coaches and teammates, is a very important position in leading the team.

“A catcher is the field general,” former coach Tony Bravo said. “…the catcher sets the tone for the team, leads the defense, and works harder than anybody, other than the pitcher, during every game.”

Returning for her second year on varsity softball this season, Lang proves that age doesn’t matter.

“She went head to head, shoulder to shoulder, with varsity players last year,”, Bravo said. “She brings a whole season’s worth of varsity experience, plus travel softball experience to her sophomore year.”

Playing softball for ten years, Chelsea has been playing on travel teams for some time now.

“A lot of other people here haven’t played that long so I bring experience,” says Lang.

Even though the softball team lost many valuable players this year, fans should expect an exciting season filled with many new players led by their powerful and experienced catcher, Chelsea Lang.

“She’s a leader, and she definitely works hard,” junior teammate Jenna Short said. “When she knows she has a weakness, she works to make it better.”

Lang’s consistent improvement will be noticeable in the upcoming season, and she will be starting in the season opener on March 8 at 4:30 p.m. against Flint Hill.

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