Sophomore varsity midfielder, Sarah Lubnow, enjoys a meal with Coach Gibbons. She is a perfect example of the bond Gibbons has with her girls and its benefits. “It’s great knowing that everything she makes me do, she can do too. It motivates me and everyone else on the team to keep up with her and be better.” (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Lubnow)


Coach Gibbons hopes to lead her varsity girls lacrosse team to States this year, all the while being connected through a tight bond, socially and athletically.

From Rochester, New York, Gibbons played for her high school and achieved two-time All-American. Staying in state for college, she attended St. Bonaventure and was two-time All-Conference as well. Her experiences in the collegiate field help her athletes in their recruiting process as well, knowing what coaches want and what to do to get to the next level. “All of them have the drive and work ethic this year,” said Gibbons.

Courtney Gibbons is not only a lacrosse coach, but a ninth grade P.E. and Health teacher. A desire for teaching older kids after teaching middle schoolers for seven years came true after becoming a fixture in the Mason athletic community.

“One of the reasons to make the switch to teach here is it’s a great school and community, and I want to teach at the same school I coach,” said Gibbons. Also, being a teacher here makes it easier for her to have preseason practices, which she has been holding ever since September.

Being a P.E. teacher, Gibbons believes it is important to stay in shape to be a good example for her students. However, this has created an unexpected bond between her athletes on the field as well.
“I think it’s important for my girls to see that I can do everything that I ask of them too,” said Gibbons.”Sometimes I jump in and play with them out on the field.”

Leading by example is Gibbons’ motto as she believes that with this attitude she has portrayed into her athletes, goals for the team are becoming more and more achievable.

“Well, the ultimate goal is to win States,” said Gibbons. “We were Conference champs last year and I expect to win it again and make it to Regionals.”

While the team lost two senior captains and starters last year, it doesn’t seem that this will affect the team athletically. With four freshman additions and a majority of sophomores, the lacrosse team is still young and has exponential potential.

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