League of Legends resets rankings for new season

Tomchick_LegendsRankings_newsToday, January 20, League of Legends will do its annual rank reset. Every player will have to play a set of ten games which will determine what league a player will be placed in. The league may be higher, lower, or the same league they were placed in last season. Once placed in a league, the player must consistently win games to get to the next league.

GMHS Senior David Matz is Ranked among the top three hundred players on the North American server.

“I don’t really focus on rank, but I’d like to get as high as I can,” said Matz.

“The new ranked system will be great because it’ll give me a new fresh start when trying to climb,” said Kris Kruger, a sophomore.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) made by Riot Games. MOBAs are competitive five versus five genre of video game, such as in League of Legends, where there are two teams and each team consists of five players. Each team’s goal is to destroy the enemy’s base known as the nexus.

“The game is pretty balanced now…although some stuff is a bit overpowered there’s nothing game breaking,” said Matz.

The League of Legends Community may be small at Mason, but across North America, there are more than two million players and it is the most played PC game globally. According to Riot Games’s most recent study (2014), League of Legends has 67 million active players every month.


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