Mason bids goodbye to some of the greats


Each year, we must bid farewell to a handful of teachers and staff at Mason who are moving on to their next endeavors in life. Many retire and end their long careers at Mason eager to unwind and journey to distant places, while others relocate for more personal reasons.

This year, the staff members departing from GM are some of the longest serving members in the school, and as a whole make up 132 years of service to GM.

These seven staff members will be dearly missed and forever remembered by the Falls Church community; not only by the dozens of accomplishments they’ve led student groups to or the number of lightbulbs they have set off in class discussions, but by the lasting memories and relationships they have created throughout the years.

Select a photo below to learn more about a leaving treasure of GM.


Laura Whitaker

Laura Whitaker

Laura writes about sports and current issues at GMHS. She is very enthusiastic for lame puns and caveman food.

(GMHS Class of '18; Lasso Staff 2014-18)
Laura Whitaker

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