Mason boys basketball and their NBA counterparts

Before I start, I want to make one thing clear: these comparisons are about playing style, not playing ability. One could argue that the two are related, but for the purposes of this article, let’s treat them as completely separate. Let’s get started.

Max Ashton: Stephen Curry

As if Max’s ego wasn’t big enough to begin with, now I go comparing him to Steph Curry. It does make sense though. Both rely on their three point shot to score, and create shots for themselves with their speed and blow-by ability off the dribble.




Hollman Smith: Demar Derozan

The art of the midrange lives on mainly through Derozan in the NBA and through Hollman at Mason.






Anish Chatterjee: JR Smith

“When in doubt, shoot the ball” is a famous quote from JR Smith that Anish takes to heart every time he plays.






Thomas Creed: Marcin Gortat

Your classic scrappy big men, Thomas and Gortat are near locks to lead their teams in rebounding and fouls in any given game.






Tim Andrianarison: Draymond Green

This comparison is not in reference to Draymond Green being the dirtiest player in the NBA, but in reference to his combination of ability to pass and rebound from both the wing and post while not being volume shooters.





Biruk Teshome: Jodie Meeks

Biruk and Meeks both are score-first, instant offense type shooting guards who when they get hot, get really really hot.






Johnny Goodwin: Lauri Markkanen

Both Johnny and Markkanen are youngsters who have a rare combination of rebounding skills and a smooth-looking jumpshot.






Jay Nesson: Matthew Dellavedova

Jay and Delly are scrappy on both sides of the ball, always diving for loose balls and cutting hard to the rim, in addition to being able to stroke a three pointer.






Nick Robbin-Coker: Kelly Oubre Jr

The quintessential “hype man,” Nick and Oubre are both likely found dancing during pre-game, high-fiving teammates, and being way more excited than they should be about everything that happens on a basketball court.





David Miller: Kyle Korver

You’d be hard pressed to find either Korver or myself inside the three point arc during a game: 3>2 all day.






Connor Fletchall: Ricky Rubio

Quickness, flashy passes, and a refusal to take a three pointer are all trademarks of Connor and Rubio’s games.






Brendan Fletchall: JJ Redick

In contrast to his brother Connor, Brendan will pull the trigger from three all day, just like Redick.






Ethan Rosenberger: Bojan Bogdanovic

Ethan and Bogdanovic will both score when they need to and always stroke an open shot.






Seid Lejlic: Josh Jackson

Both are newcomers to their respective teams with strong finishes, and lots of athletic ability.







Jeffrey Nugara: Kelly Olynyk

Big men who shoot the three.

David Miller

David Miller

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