On June 10, high school actors, critics, and community members alike came together for a celebration of high school theatre in the form of the annual Cappies Gala. Held at the Kennedy Center, this gala is the culminating event of the year for the Cappies, a program that allows high school students to watch and review high school productions in the DC area, and at the end of the year, nominate the best shows for awards. These awards, “Cappies,” are given for everything from lead actor to special effects and technology, recognizing superior talent in every role students fill to create a production.

Members of the GM theater department, including nominee for lead actor, Miles Jackson (left), on stage at the Kennedy Center for the 2018 Cappies Gala. (photo by Elisabeth Snyder)

This year, for its production of Monty Python’s Spamalot, Mason was nominated for 10 Cappies.

Category Nominee from GMHS
Sound Jack Evans, Sarah Fong, Sofia Heartney, Caroline Russell
Props Victoria Bysfield, Josh Reitinger
Ensemble Arthur (Miles Jackson), Patsy (Will Langan), and Knights of the Round Table
Featured Actor Jasper Litton
Male Dancer Michael Curtin
Comic Actress in a Musical Ciara Curtin
Supporting Actor in a Musical Will Langan
Lead Actor in a Musical Miles Jackson
Song “His Name is Lancelot”
Musical “Monty Python’s Spamalot”


FCCPS School Board members Shannon Litton and Greg Anderson, as well as School Board Vice Chair Phil Reitinger and Superintendent Peter Noonan, presented awards at the gala.

In his presentation, Noonan said: “I am so proud of GMHS for their incredible work… the Cappies is a great celebration of all that is good in high school theatre and journalism. I couldn’t be more proud of our students… I wish that when I presented the category of Song that the name on the card was George Mason…that would have made a perfect night even more perfect. Bravo to all.”

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