Miller’s Dos & Don’ts: Week 7

With week six in the books, we’re getting to be almost halfway through the season, and with week seven coming up, I’ve got some insights and this week is all about running backs.

Love: Knile Davis


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Knile Davis has been sitting on the Chiefs’ bench this whole season behind Spencer Ware, even though he has a lot of potential as a running back. Recently, he was traded to the Green Bay, where he will actually play, because they do not have a healthy running back. With Eddie Lacy and James Starks injured, Knile Davis will be a good pickup off the waiver wire, as he is not owned in most leagues.



Love: James White

miller_week7_patriotsWith a big two TD performance last week, White has shown us that he has big scoring capacities. LeGarrette Blount is still the primary Patriots’ Running Back, but White receives all of the Patriots’ receptions out of the backfield, so he is at least solid for yardage, especially in a PPR league. That, included with his scoring capacity makes him worth the pick-up if he is not owned in your league, and worth the play if he’s on your team.

Hate: David Johnson

miller_week7_arizonacardinalsOkay, maybe hate is too strong a word for the best running back in the league. It might be more accurate to say David Johnson is on my “will likely do slightly worse that his usual greatness” list. The Cardinals are up against a top-five defense against running backs this week, but Carson Palmer could have a big week with several receiving options. Therefore, he will be handing off to Johnson less. That being said, Johnson is still yet to have a bad week, so unless you have two good RBs he’s probably still a good start this week. However, if you have two good options, maybe he should end up on your bench.

Hate: Jamaal Charles


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Charles had a solid week coming off an injury last week with a touchdown, however only 33 yards, and the majority of touches went to Spencer Ware, and that will continue to happen as long as Ware keeps performing. Charles’ touchdown last week just as easily could have gone to Ware, and any possible Chiefs touchdowns will this week as well.

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