As the school year comes to an end, the office staff must prepare to say goodbye to prominent Assistant Principal Secretary Janice Nette.

Nette started working at George Mason High School in March of 2004. Nette’s original job at Mason was as a long term substitute in the theater department, however this was not all that Nette contributed to Mason. She worked as a paralegal, substituted in classes besides the theater department, supervised study halls, and worked as the assistant IB coordinator. Her current role at Mason is being the Assistant Principal Secretary, and she has worked in the job for seven years.

Another extremely important part of Mason that can be attributed to Nette is the birth of the swim team.

“I started the swim team in 2005, because there was not one at that time. I got it going with one of the P.E. teachers at the time, and I stayed with it for eleven years. I was the assistant coach,” Nette explained when asked her favorite memories at Mason.

Nette is a very active member of the Mason community. She attends swim meets even after leaving the team in 2015, is a supporter of the robotics team, and attends every theatre show, which brings her back to the days of substituting long term.

While Nette will still support Mason from afar, she recently moved to Warrenton with her family and has decided to retire from working at Mason and find a job closer to home.

“After school she goes and wrangles all the robotics kids and has helped them raise thousands of dollars. Then after that, she comes helps us with swim. So, lots of thanks to you, Mrs. Nette,” senior Hannah Hiscott said during the fire drill picnic, giving thanks to the contributions Nette has made.

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