You may have noticed the table set up outside of the cafeteria on Wednesday, March 2. This table was set up to “Spread the Word to End the Word” by the Best Buddies

They set up this table every year along with a large poster that students and staff volunteer to sign. By signing this poster, they pledge to stop using the “R” word, an offensive and unnecessary term.

The table outside the cafeteria, complete with temporary tattoos, a T-shirt, markers for signing the poster, and a laptop with the video of Best Buddies Club members explaining why people shouldn’t use the “R” word. (Photo by Sierra Sulc)

“We are trying to end the word and we are going to get as many signatures from the people to end the “R” word,” says Special Education teacher, Sheeba Kamran. According to Ms. Kamran, they get a lot of signatures each year.

Along with temporary tattoos and a T-shirt, the Best Buddies members displayed a video featuring students in the club explaining why this word is so hurtful and why it shouldn’t be part of people’s vocabulary. This powerful video is set up to show people the true effect of using the “R” word.

Sierra Sulc

Sierra Sulc

Sierra is known for taking shots at Mason sports events and making weirdly realistic monkey noises.
Sierra Sulc

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