George Mason’s annual Stress Less Week, from Monday April 9 to Friday April 13, featured several activities that were aimed to promote healthy lifestyles and provide students with strategies to deal with stress.

Cards were passed out on Monday with 21 ways to laugh more, and Tuesday showcased a Calm Down Glitter Jar, with instructions for students to make their own at home. Wednesday highlighted the hobby of coloring to relieve stress, and Thursday included an “Affirmation wall” next to the cafeteria, where students wrote positive messages on sticky notes for anyone to take for themselves. Friday was the most popular event, with therapy dogs People Love Animals available during lunch for students to pet and play with.

“Playing with dogs was a nice break, especially right before the end of the quarter,” senior Ryan Hatziyannis said. “I think being able to just hangout with your friends and dogs is a great way to relieve stress in a way that doesn’t feel forced by the school. I think it’s a well loved tradition that has actual meaning.”

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