Here are sum-more DIYs for summer

  1. You’ll be dying to try these tie dye shirts!
  2. Revamp your room with a handmade alternative to the classic wall decor: Hangings and Wall Tapestries
  3. Cute ways to display your polaroids with different materials and designs
  4. Cool down with a refreshing orange slush punch
  5. Relax in your homemade hammock all summer long
  6. Don’t know what to do with your pile of old camp T shirts? Grab some scissors and customize them into your own stylish tops.
  7.  These watermelon popsicles are the perfect combination of two classic summer treats
  8. This dessert is sher to be a hit!
  9. Homemade refreshing slurpees are the best way to cool down during a hot summer day.
  10. Choose from 15 different friendship bracelet styles here.
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