Trying to manage studying, time, and your sanity can be overwhelming during exam week. Lasso reporter Grant Tomchick offers five tips and tricks to help you make it through those four days.

  1. Wake up early: Waking up early allows you to have time to take it easy going through your daily routine. Rushing creates unneeded stress right before exams.
  2. Chew Gum: Studies show that chewing gum increases one’s attention span. When you’re stuck of a question keep calm and chew o
  3. Nap: The thirty minute period between the exams is a perfect opportunity to rest your eyes for a little while before the next exam. Studies show a thirty to forty nap raises alertness upon waking up. Just don’t forget to wake up
  4. Stay positive: As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Staying positive and imagining a good outcome helps one to keep calm and focused during exam time. Even if you are not prepared for the exam, there is nothing you can do now, so stay positive and do your best. Remember the new semester is right around the corner for a fresh start
  5. Write Your Name on Your Exam: As simple as it seems, many students forget to write their name. Write your name first to ensure you don’t forget when you’re rushing to turn in the exam last minute.

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