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January- The Glazed Donut

 If born in January, you are independent, serious, and stubborn. You are an analytical outgoing leader. When faced with a choice, you take the safe (but sometimes boring) route that almost always has the good outcome. The glazed donut is the perfect birth donut for all people born in January. You can never go wrong with glazed donuts due to their tasteful simplicity. Even though they are plain and boring, the glazed donut is the right decision.




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February- The Sprinkled Glazed Donut

 Like January, people born in February have qualities that belong to leaders. They are humble and intelligent, but when put in a difficult position, they can become rebellious and aggressive. Those born in February believe that they can achieve their goals by being daring and hardworking. If born in February, your birth month donut is the sprinkled glaze donut – sensible, but with an outgoing rebellious streak (the sprinkles). Sprinkled glaze donuts are ideal for those born in February.




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March- The Tide Pod Donut

 If born in March, you’ll do anything to make your claim to fame, even if it’s not the smartest decision. You have the ability to make the right decisions in order to become famous, but you are more likely to make the wrong decision. The tide pod donut is the perfect match to those who are born in March. You can make your claim to fame by doing stupid things like Internet challenges that involve eating cleaning products. Your road to fame has its consequences, but you will go through with the decision because you yearn for fame. For these reasons, the tide pod donut is the way to go for those born in February.



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April- The Blue Raspberry Donut 

If born in April, you are a wild, creative, bossy, and intelligent person. You love to make friends, and you make sure that your work won’t make them fade away for you. You like the rain and the outdoors because of the April showers and warm weather. The blue raspberry donut is the donut for you if your were born in April. The sweet-and-sour combination captures the bossy but kind personality. The color blue represents April’s rain showers and the outdoors. This donut should be very enjoyable due to its flavor and presentation;it is the only donut for those born in April.



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May- The Flower Donut

 If born in May, you’re very accepting of yourself and others. Self-expression is very important to you and you take pride in all of your talents. You love socializing and telling others about yourself. You also enjoy nature and the outdoors because you like the spring and the warm weather. The flower donut captures all of the personality traits of people born in May. The flower shape is perfect for you because you stand out in the middle of a crowd, you socialize like a blooming flower, and you like to express yourself differently. This donut is the one for those born in May.




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June- The Old Fashioned Donut If born in June, you are a kind, sympathetic, polite, caring person. You respect all people, especially your elders, and you’re very sensitive. The old fashioned donut is the donut for those born in June due to its simplicity. Those born in June act like they live in the 1900s when good parenting and respectful kids were in abundance, when people wrote letters to each other, and long before TV was a thing. Because of all these similarities, the old fashioned donut is the one for those born in June.




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July- The Coconut Donut

 If born in July, you are a hardworking, accepting, and honest person. If given the opportunity, you are more likely to tell the truth. You believe that all people are equal and you work hard at your goals. The coconut donut is for you. Only July kids will accept that fruit like coconut is incorporated with donuts. The color is also a clear indicator that July babies get the coconut donut. White is a clean and honest color that is correlated with kindness and truth. For the previous reasons, the coconut donut is the best donut for those born in July.



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August- Donut Holes

 If born in August, you are very social, kind, well rounded, and you value the sense of community. Your family values are very important to you and you will do anything to make sure that your family and you are very close. When put in a group of strangers, you will be the most talkative and social butterfly of the group. A donut hole is the best donut for those born in August because you complete others, almost like you fit with them. Donut holes are fun, small, and always around other donut holes. Because of how social you can be the donut hole is the donut for you.






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September- The Chocolate Donut If you are born in September, you are calm, simple, quiet, and loyal. You can speak well in a group and you always keep your cool. Nothing gets you riled up due to your tranquil personality. The chocolate donut is the donut for those born in September due to its simplicity. The chocolate donut will always stay by your side as a great option when shopping for donuts. Its modesty draws in consumers but always assure them that they made the right choice when buying the donuts. Due to the simplicity, the chocolate donut is the right move to make in September.




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October- The Éclair

  If born in October, you are a chatty Cathy. You love people, you see people for what is on the inside, and you often get angry. Even though your temper is short, you always have a humorous side. Due to your loving and humorous nature, the éclair donut is the donut for October. The crème filled inside represents a pleasant surprise of wit and light heartedness people find when talking to you. The soft bread surrounding the crème portrays the loving side of the person. Due to the humorous side of the people born in October and the creamy filling of the donut, the éclair is the donut for October.




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November- The Powdered Donut

 If born in November, you are filled with great ideas, and you are unique, brilliant, and strong. No one else is like you, and your sharp thinking is propelled by your great ideas. The powdered donut is the one for those born in November due to the uniqueness of the donut. No other donut is powdered like the powdered donut, just as no other person is quite like one born in November. The powdered donut is a great idea just like all of the other ideas that one born in November could conjure up.





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December- The Jelly Filled Donut 

 If born in December, you are wild, sexy, fun, loyal, and honest. You get along inside of a group of others and you always have a good time. The jelly filled donut is the donut for those born in December because of its warm and sweet inner beauty. This jelly filling is visible on the outside edge of the donut so that it doesn’t surprise you when you take a bite, unlike the October éclair donuts. Even though it is honest about its feelings, the filling also portrays its wild side, with a bold dark red. The jelly filled donut is the best choice of donut in December due to these sweet and sexy traits.

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